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The Ikea Chair Lottery

Ideally, Sunday should be: Brunch, a cafe, or maybe a movie. Perhaps I’ll just laze away on the couch absently picking a guitar, staring off into space , gloriously unshowered, unshaven, and unfit for visitors. Idyllic picture, huh? Sunday should not be spent shoulder to shoulder with zombified masses of drooling idiots, shambling through an […]


Surviving Bad Television, Writer’s Block and Nicotine Withdrawal: A True Story

After 2 smoke-free weeks, I was feeling sluggish, slow and not very creative.  I couldn’t seem to concentrate on anything.  I had lost my edge.  Nothing has been irritating me since I quit smoking.  It’s not like I was suddenly nice,  I just wasn’t being my naturally sarcastic, bitchy self.  Actually, it’s like I just couldn’t […]


Fools vs Morons

Since We Work For Cheese is in its infancy, I’ve been working at setting up the basics, or more specifically SEO (Search Engine Optimization). While SEO is a science that takes some time to master, one must concentrate on content. The challenge is to write about something you’re interested in while also appealing to the […]



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