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Not So Heavenly Haven

Last night, myself and a few other frozen souls seeking a warm haven ducked into a Syrian cafe to thaw our toes. Turned out they were taking part in a celebration of Quebec’s famous cheesy fries and gravy delicacy and offered up a creation of their own. So even though we weren’t shown a menu […]

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Fun Facts About New Jersey

Do you know any fun facts about New Jersey? Any facts at all? Until a couple of weeks ago, all I knew was that NJ was where Snookie, The Situation and the Sopranos live. And Meleah, of course. But on my road-trip to New Jersey, I learned some very important facts about the state you […]

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Cheese In The News – Vol. 10

Because Nothing Says “Happy Birthday” Like Cheese… Olwyn Green, of New Zealand decided to buy an 8 lb wheel of white Lancashire Crumbly, her husband Jim’s favourite cheese, while visiting relatives in northern England, to bring back for his 75th birthday.  But thanks to Iceland’s increased promiscuity resulting in a lack of virgins to sacrifice to the angry volcano gods, poor Olwyn had […]


This Is So Not A Cheese Review

Recently, we were part of a very lengthy conversation about Poutine (pronounced pooh-tsin. Appetizing, I know.).  Ahhh, the great Canadian response to the Big Mac. Mike and I had been discussing what cheese we would be reviewing next and voilà, the decision to review Poutine came about. For those of you not “in the know”, […]



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