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They Don’t Call Them Deviled Eggs For Nothing

  So, how were your holidays? If you’re like me… hey, what’s with the panicked look and passionate protests?! Sheesh. I was joking about wearing the boots with pajamas, you know. Sort of. Whatever. Look, if your holidays were anything like mine (There, feel better? Sigh.), it was probably a crazy busy and stressful time. […]


Cheese In The News – Celebrity Edition

This week, Glenn Beck’s honesty about news really being an entertainment money machine has inspired me. He wasn’t my only source of inspiration, though. CHEESE ATTEMPTS TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD BY INFILTRATING THE MEDIA Cheese has been maneuvering into a position of power, clearly trying to usurp control of the most powerful country in the […]

Curling Rock

Give Me My Medal Already!

So Canada has a whopping 5 Olympic medals to date, with 2 of them being gold.  Historic, seeing as Canada has never won a gold medal on home turf, so to speak. Needless to say, this has caused quite a stir amongst Canucks.  It’s been the office water cooler conversation all week.  Personally, I’ve never […]

Even the family dog got drunk.

Rich, Stupid, Famous People Who Should Spontaneously Combust

I hate themes, even though there appears to be a zombie theme, cheese news theme and stoopid people theme to all of my blogs.  In my defense, zombies are awesome, cheese is the meaning of life and there are just so many ridiculously stupid people in this world, the majority of whom seem destined to cross […]



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