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July Photo Challenge: Signs

At the parking lot near my office. Bumping your head on this sign might also be a sign that you are really, really tall. It’s the sign of the spider. Whatever that means. Here’s a clear sign that something has gotten into your tomato plant. I blame the squirrel. AGAIN. So yeah. I’m watching you, […]

And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None

Welcome to day 5 of 30 Days of Writing, a creative writing challenge that can break a lesser man. Or woman. Or me.  Today’s prompt is “Spiders“. Neither Mike nor I take responsibility for this prompt, even though we’re pretty sure one of us came up with it. Enjoy, and don’t forget to link up […]

what window spiders

Once There Was A Spider

See that? There in the corner? Yeah, me neither. A spider used to hang out in this forgotten corner of my abode. He’d spun an elaborate web and kept the area clean of whatever bugs they manage to trap. I have no idea what kind of spider it was. All I knew was that it […]


Springtime In November

Yes, Spring has arrived and no, I do not live in Australia. The last 5 days have been warm. Ridiculously warm. 20 degrees (70 if you’re American), sun, gloveless, bootless, snowless and leafless. Yes, leafless, since it’s NOVEMBER. And even though I’ve already bitched about the coming of fall, I must complain about the weather […]



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