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Yes, I graduated from Mascot School. Shuddup. It's not as easy as you think.

I’m Lazy, Old, Sick, Stupid And Tired. But Everyone Wants To Be Me.

Can I tell you a secret? I used to have spam envy. That’s right. People were always sharing their stories about the funny email spam they would get, yet I would get no spam at all, so I couldn’t join in the conversation. Ok, maybe no spam is a bit of an exaggeration. Let’s just […]

Fish Confetti

It’s Just Tuesday, Folks

So, I’m driving into work this morning and listening to the radio, singing along to something (Sittin’ at a Bar by Rehab, actually – love that tune…but I digress).  The song ends and the news comes on.  And this is where things get stupid. The news report is about 8 women skiing to the South Pole.  […]


Cheese In The News – Vol. 1

MAN CUTS A DEAL, DOESN’T CUT THE CHEESE This week’s news story on cheese comes from Aspen, Colorado,  where you don’t mess with another man’s cheese. Jon Douglas Williams pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor false-imprisonment charge on Tuesday as part of a plea agreement.   In August, Williams was arrested for threatening his roommate with a […]


Car Surfing: riding the wave of stupidity

Car surfing has been appearing a little more regularly in the news recently due to the rash of deaths that have occurred. A 17 year old boy in Huntington Beach, a 19 year old Kentucky student, a 17 year old Quebec girl.   As sad as it is that these lives are cut short, one can’t […]



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