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allerum prast 12 year old ost

Souvenirs From “Sweden”

So my co-blogger Mike went to “Sweden” and he brought me back a special gift. Can you guess what it was? Think about it. What is “Sweden” renowned for? He came by last week and brought it to me. And has been bugging me ever since – Have I tasted it? What did I think […]

malmo central station

I Got Crabs in Sweden

And then I gave them to the cat and now they’re his best friends! I know how that sounds, but trust me when I say that everyone’s happy and the only “itching” I have is to go travelling again. However, if I never have to travel trough a New York airport again, I’ll be a […]

me sweden

By The Side of the Road…

…you’ll see: The town of Slimminge, Sweden. See the church steeple in the middle? That’s the town. It’s tiny. Like, no traffic lights tiny. Seriously, it takes less than a minute to drive through. Also, if you look real close, and I mean REALLY CLOSE, you’ll see a cat. I swear I almost got a […]

lone horse sweden

Like There’s No Night

So, I’m in Sweden! It’s only been here a couple of days, but here’s a quick recap: I took this while waiting to fly from Heathrow (Hi Babs!). I was going to use it for Flying Solo, and then I didn’t because I didn’t write anything for Flying Solo. Or anything for the last week […]

paper airplane

I’m Off To The Land Of The Ice And Snow

Day 18 of  30 Days of Writing sure does come quickly when you don’t write for days on end.  See, I’ve been slaving away trying to finish all my work as well as a course for my job. It’s bad enough being trapped in an office during the summer, but when your free time is […]



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