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little boy vacuuming

Why Should You Have Kids?

This is definitely NOT why you should have kids. It’s not why I had kids. Useless freakin’ lumps of brain-rotting flesh! This, on the other hand, THIS is why you should have kids. Now I just have to teach him to use the washing machine. Not on the market for some children at the moment, […]

futuristic eye

Everything Leads To The Blogosphere

This weekend, my oldest son invited his girlfriend and a couple of friends over to spend the weekend. I had 5 teenagers and a toddler all weekend. All. Weekend. Actually, I must say that my son and his friends are really good kids. I must say it because they read this blog from time to time. […]


Car Surfing: riding the wave of stupidity

Car surfing has been appearing a little more regularly in the news recently due to the rash of deaths that have occurred. A 17 year old boy in Huntington Beach, a 19 year old Kentucky student, a 17 year old Quebec girl.   As sad as it is that these lives are cut short, one can’t […]



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