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pickled marinated feta cheese

Pickled Cheese Part 2 – The Verdict

When last we spoke I was experimenting with a curious Pickled Cheese recipe. As I previously mentioned, it’s more of a marinade, but since marinated Cheese doesn’t have much of a ring to it, Pickled Cheese it is. So. This is what we had marinating in the fridge for two days: I carefully opened the […]

feta thyme honeyed white wine vinegar

Pickled Cheese Part 1

I might be taking one for the team here, but after Googling “pickled cheese” today, I found an easy enough recipe that does just that. In just one day. It’s really more of a marinade, but hey, if they call it pickled, it must be that. Ingredients: Feta cheese (enough to fill the jar) 4-5 […]



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