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On The Campaign Trail

We Work For Cheese has never been a political blog. The closest we ever came was when Mike tried to blame the fall of the Canadian government on Steve Jobs. Politics is a messy business, with elections rife with smear campaigns and trash talking by people who want to run a country. I know with […]


Exuberance Is My Middle Name. OMG Would Be My First.

So last week, I told you all about how I do stupid things when I’m nervous, excited or drunk, and how I imagine my weekend in Minnesota at TBCon is going to be chock full of classic Stupid Nicky moments. I imagined making CardioGirl’s head explode with my antics. I don’t always babble incessantly though. Sometimes, […]

Like sands through the hourglass, these are the daze of my life...

I’m Sorry, We’re Out Of Time

Every year is getting shorter Never seem to find the time Plans that either come to naught Or half a page of scribbled lines Pink Floyd See that list of blogs over there on the right? You might have to scroll down a little. It’s below those ad things we hope will make us a […]

Cover of "Happiness"

My Brain’s Gone Fishin’

When I opened my laptop today, I was disgusted to realize that there was a crushed earwig on the keyboard. It must have been sitting there without me realizing it the night before, and when I went to shut the lid…CRUNCH. I kind of saw that as a parallel to my life and my job. […]


Love For My Fellow Bloggers In A Totally Non-Slutty Way

Last week, WWFC was getting that warm, fuzzy feeling that only comes when you’ve received praise from your peers. (Ok, so it also comes when the cat on your lap pees, but that’s not what happened. This time.) We received our first award, and got quite a few mentions from various bloggers. Some of the […]



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