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It Wasn’t The Cat!

There have been new developments in Tulip Carnage 2010. The destruction in my garden last month caused me to instantly morph into a man well beyond my years, shaking a gnarled fist at the neighborhood cats. “Damn you cats!” But they always return to the scene of the crime, don’t they? The real culprit showed […]

I crapped in your bushes too. Can I come in and piss on something?

Good Kitty, Bad Kitty

Back in September when I moved into my place, a friend of mine gave me some tulip bulbs as a housewarming gift. I’ve never had my own green space before, so like a good urban gardener, I planted them. Winter came and went, and with the arrival of spring, I was curious to see if […]


Springtime In November

Yes, Spring has arrived and no, I do not live in Australia. The last 5 days have been warm. Ridiculously warm. 20 degrees (70 if you’re American), sun, gloveless, bootless, snowless and leafless. Yes, leafless, since it’s NOVEMBER. And even though I’ve already bitched about the coming of fall, I must complain about the weather […]



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