where the hell is the publish button again?

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WordPress login, forgotten password

And This Is How It Went Down

Username: ThisIsNotMyUsername Password: ThisIsNotMyPassword Me: Dammit. Dammit. Jepeto: What’s wrong? Me: I want to write a blog post. Username: WhyTheHellWon’tThisWork Password: I’mPrettySureThisIsn’tIt Me: Stupid freakin’ stupid stupidity Jepeto: Writer’s block? Me: No Username: PleaseWorkPleaseWorkPleaseWork Password: IThinkThisIsItPleaseBeItPleaseBeIt Me: EXPLETIVE EXPLETIVE EXPLETIVE for the love of EXPLETIVE EXPLETIVE Jepeto: What the hell is wrong? Me: I haven’t […]



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