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How Do You Say Cheese Waffles In Italian?

Saturday night saw Mike and I hard at work at the WWFC offices, researching our next potential cheese review. After many, long arduous seconds of scouring the Internet, we decided a snack would help us focus so I suggested cheese waffles. Now while most people automatically think of Belgian waffles, I’m particularly fond of Italian […]


Get Drunk

The smegma cheese fiasco is almost over. I have scarred some of you for life, which, I admit, brings a smile to my tired face. So here’s something more, um, acceptable I guess, by social standards. Charles Baudelaire’s Énivrez-vous!  has always lifted my spirits. And I promised to post it for a special Chica who threatened […]


Love For My Fellow Bloggers In A Totally Non-Slutty Way

Last week, WWFC was getting that warm, fuzzy feeling that only comes when you’ve received praise from your peers. (Ok, so it also comes when the cat on your lap pees, but that’s not what happened. This time.) We received our first award, and got quite a few mentions from various bloggers. Some of the […]



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