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Cheddar au Bordeaux Rouge

An Autumn Cheese Review

Remember when we used to eat cheese and then write a cheese review? Me too. Or maybe the question should have been: remember when we used to blog consistently? Well speaking of consistent, there’s a store nearby called La Vieille Europe that consistently has non-wallet pillaging prices (looking at you, local grocery store) on imported […]

la paryse cheeseburger montreal

My Favorite Food – 30 Days of Photos Day 15

It’s no secret that I have an almost unhealthy obsession with Cheeseburgers. So much so that I’ll often write “Cheeseburger” with a capital ‘C’. At the same time, I can’t say that any one food is an absolute favorite above all other foods since I love food too much to be able to choose. I […]



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