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Even the family dog got drunk.

Rich, Stupid, Famous People Who Should Spontaneously Combust

I hate themes, even though there appears to be a zombie theme, cheese news theme and stoopid people theme to all of my blogs.  In my defense, zombies are awesome, cheese is the meaning of life and there are just so many ridiculously stupid people in this world, the majority of whom seem destined to cross […]


Surviving Bad Television, Writer’s Block and Nicotine Withdrawal: A True Story

After 2 smoke-free weeks, I was feeling sluggish, slow and not very creative.  I couldn’t seem to concentrate on anything.  I had lost my edge.  Nothing has been irritating me since I quit smoking.  It’s not like I was suddenly nice,  I just wasn’t being my naturally sarcastic, bitchy self.  Actually, it’s like I just couldn’t […]



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