You Love Cheese Too

To misquote Sally Field, “You like us, you really like us!”. Here are some awards and kudos that we’ve received since the inception of WWFC:

Feels Like Home

From our favourite Finn, Ziva!




Sunshine Award

From the lovely Meleah AND the sweet 00dozo AND darling Linda!




The Versatile BloggerFrom the very funny Linda!




Master of Karate and Friendship

She’s beautiful, she’s sassy and she has great taste in blogs…Linda!





And yet again from our lovely Linda!




Creative BloggerAlso from the incredibly gifted Linda whose talent for spotting talent is legendary! (the cheque is in the mail!)




The Flaming FlamingoYeah, yeah, from Ziva to Mike. That’s right. Mike. Just Mike. Whatever!




From the very thoughtful Vicki!





From our dear friends 00dozo and Cheryl!




Thank you 00dozo!




Pause, Ponder and Pun with Nonamedufus



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