We’ll Always Have Vodka

You ever notice how sometimes a certain commercial makes you think of someone? I recently saw a vodka commercial that had me saying “OMG! OMG!”. Mind you, I always think of particular people when I see ads for vodka.

When I see a Smirnoff ad, I think of co-blogger Mike. About a million years ago, I gave him a set of highball glasses with the letter “S” etched into them. The “S” was for Smirnoff, who packaged this set for the holidays. I jokingly tried to convince him the glasses were personalized specifically for him and then I called him Smick. More than 20 years later, I still call him that and I still think of those glasses when I hear the word Smirnoff.

Almost any vodka commercial makes me think of my lovely, darkly brilliant Finnish friend, Ziva. Ziva is, unquestionably, an expert on all things vodka. Thanks to her, I now know the best way, no, the only way to truly appreciate vodka is to drink it from a milk glass. Or a pint.

I’ve also now begun to think of my sweet, pretty Rena. Her writing is genius in its brevity. She has alluded, on more than one occasion, that she has been ingesting copious amounts of vodka in recent times. And they say youth is wasted on the young! Just remember, sweet Rena, milk glass or pint.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw this commercial for Absolut vodka. Seems it’s been around for a year, but I’d never seen it before. Do you know who I thought of, even before I saw that it was a commercial for vodka?

If you don’t know who I’m talking, you can discover her here. She’s the Jersey version of me, except younger, smarter, funnier, and with killer abs. I really do think the person behind the Absolut campaign was inspired by her, because she is proof positive that doing things differently leads to something exceptional. She’s been a bit under the weather recently and hasn’t been blogging as much as a result. I really hope she feels better soon. I miss her. In the meantime, I’ve bought myself a bottle of Absolut in her honour. And a pint.

As Ziva would say “Pohjanmaan kautta”!

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