Nothing Ever Dies On The Back Of A Cereal Box

Recently, I discovered a very funny blog called The Neurosis Files. The author is June O’Hara, and besides being funny and a wonderful writer, she is an incredibly perceptive judge of character.

Let me explain: I found out through a newsletter that June got a blog makeover. I was curious to see what that entailed. So, I visited The Neurosis File and LOVED the look. Then I started reading. And giggling. Then I went back and read some older posts.  And started chuckling. I added June to my Google Reader list. As new posts came up, I ran right over to read. And actually guffawed quite a few times. I left comments and ended up making June laugh, in return.

blog header

This is where June demonstrated her perceptiveness. She emailed me. She told me I’m hysterical (as in funny, not as in demented – no, she obviously doesn’t know me yet. Shut up.) and let me know she would be subscribing to our RSS feed. If she could find it. I let her know it’s in the top right corner. Ahem. In case you all didn’t know. TOP RIGHT CORNER.  Just saying.

The title of this post is part of a comment I left over at June’s place. You can find it in the comments section of her post about the book, Marley and Me. I highly suggest you read it. Her post, not my comment. Well, ok, my comment too. Just go and read it. Now. Or else. And tell her Teresa sent you.


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