Nothing Ever Dies On The Back Of A Cereal Box

Recently, I discovered a very funny blog called The Neurosis Files. The author is June O’Hara, and besides being funny and a wonderful writer, she is an incredibly perceptive judge of character.

Let me explain: I found out through a newsletter that June got a blog makeover. I was curious to see what that entailed. So, I visited The Neurosis File and LOVED the look. Then I started reading. And giggling. Then I went back and read some older posts.  And started chuckling. I added June to my Google Reader list. As new posts came up, I ran right over to read. And actually guffawed quite a few times. I left comments and ended up making June laugh, in return.

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This is where June demonstrated her perceptiveness. She emailed me. She told me I’m hysterical (as in funny, not as in demented – no, she obviously doesn’t know me yet. Shut up.) and let me know she would be subscribing to our RSS feed. If she could find it. I let her know it’s in the top right corner. Ahem. In case you all didn’t know. TOP RIGHT CORNER.  Just saying.

The title of this post is part of a comment I left over at June’s place. You can find it in the comments section of her post about the book, Marley and Me. I highly suggest you read it. Her post, not my comment. Well, ok, my comment too. Just go and read it. Now. Or else. And tell her Teresa sent you.


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  • This is so nice of you!  Now I want to go take a look see too!  Why do you say  to say Theresa sent you when actually Nicky sent you?  I’m confused.

  • Okay, now I see.  I told her she could call me Teresa too if she likes.  I’m easy like that.

  • June O’Hara

    Oh my God! I’m bowled over. Thank you so much for your compliments and support of my blog. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate it. You made my week!

  • June is one of the best writers I have had the pleasure of reading. I am so pleased she chose Tribal Blogs to do her makeover because June is going somewhere with her writing.

    Only four more days, Nicky! Four more days until I am no longer held hostage by little people who can’t drive or cook for themselves!! Four days and I can start visiting everyone again!!!!

  • Why Teresa?  Please explain.

    I visited June’s blog AND I subscribed so a job well done 🙂

  • See, this is what happens when I leave a stressful job for a great job I enjoy…I become nice! I think I may have to beg for my old job back! 🙂

  • LOL, isn’t Teresa one of your many names already? Or was it one of you aliases? 🙂

  • For a small fee, I can make your month! 🙂

    Seriously, it was a pleasure June. I really am a fan of your writing, and this way, when you’re a Pulitzer prize winner, I can hit you up for money.

  • Only 4 more sleeps?! YAAAAY!! We’ve missed you 🙂

    June is awesome, and I really love what you and Kelly came up with for her blog makeover. Nice job, ladies!

  • You were there, Babs…didn’t you see what happened? June called another commenter Nicky, when her name is really Teresa. So I offered to let June call me Teresa to make it up to Teresa whose name is now Nicky. Simple, no? 🙂

    You subscribed? Babs, I love you!

  • I thought I read all the comments. I must have missed that one 😉

  • Actually, I have a sister named Theresa.  I never use that name, but I do use Princess Running Water Gonzales and Gloria sometimes.

  • You are mostly nice, and always a joy!

  • I’m on my way!  

  • Mikewj

    Oh, thanks a hell of a lot, Nicky.

    I’d studiously avoided the book and the movie, but then, on your recommendation, I read June’s “Marley and Me” post. Yeah, she’s pure de-funny, all right. A real knee-slapper.Now I’m sitting here, tears rolling down my cheeks like hurricane Irene as I recall my childhood poodle, Lady Linda, who, like Marley in the aforementioned June O’Hara laugh-fest, passed away decades ago while I was in college. When I say passed away, I mean my parents paid the vet 30 pieces of silver to kill her while I was studying for algebra. 

    Inhuman bastards.
    I still visit Lady’s grave site every month to lay a fresh rawhide treat beside her headstone and catch her up on my life. This month’s going to be especially rough thanks to you and the fucking laugh-riot June.

  • Oh good! I hope you enjoy 🙂

  • You’re welcome. I’m sorry about Lady Linda. Seriously, like being a poodle isn’t bad enough, you had to go and name her Lady Linda! I think that deserves a fresh rawhide treat AND a ball AND a bone. Twice a month. At least. I wonder if Lady Linda didn’t beg your parents to kill her, kind of like those poor suffering people in the movie Aliens.

    June is really funny though, isn’t she?

  • I sometimes go by the name Theresa.

  • Whose Teresa? Are you Teresa? I see you more as a Nicky…just sayin’…ok, on my way to check this out. Just so you know, if she’s super awesome, I’ll probably hate her out of jealousy and will have to add her to the pile of bloggers I love but pretend to hate…yeah, you’re in there. Stop being so funny and cute and my hatred will no longer be an issue. :)…don’t you love how the smiley face validates the lame ass comment?

  • I can’t help being funny and cute. My dad was Bozo the Clown and my mom was a picture of a kitten. It’s genetic. 🙂

    (You’re right, the smiley face does make everything better, doesn’t it!?)

    I think you’ll love June. She’s great and worthy of a little jealousy.

  • I hope it’s a nice tribe and not the kind that leaves the weak for dead because they are too much of a burden. I hope it’s not a Lord of the Flies type tribe because that would be wrong.

  • Elliot, it’s a very nice tribe. Friendly and helpful. And, as far as I know, nobody has ever killed a pig. 🙂

  • LOVE June’s blog; she’s a fantastic writer. But now I want her to give *me* a new name.

  • Be careful what you wish for! I know you’ve seen every Seinfeld episode, so all I’ll say is “Coco”!!

    June is such a talented writer, and a really lovely person too. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her.

  • Okay, I am definitely going to check out The Neurosis Files blog!

  • June’s already in my Google Reader, but!…I haven’t read her Marley and post yet, so off I go!


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